Exploring Chernobyl with the Street bag

image Exploring Chernobyl with the Street bag

My latest adventure saw me fulfilling one of my photography dreams. I was fortunate enough to have three days photographing and… 

Tom Adamson
Street Medium Backpack Tom Adamson

Ardmore Ceramic Art

image Ardmore Ceramic Art

While most of our photography and video work is in the wildlife, conservation and travel fields (http://www.rogerandpatdelaharpe.com) we do have some… 

Roger de la Harpe
Street Shoulder Bag Roger de la Harpe

Isle of Skye with the Bumblebee 220-PL

image Isle of Skye with the Bumblebee 220-PL

Landscape photography inevitably takes us to some very beautiful locations. Beauty can take many forms of course but on the Isle… 

Karl Holtby
Pro Light Camera Backpack: Bumblebee-220 PL Karl Holtby

Hiking Through The Highlands

image Hiking Through The Highlands

The Scottish Highlands: a wild, rugged landscape, dotted with ancient lochs, mystical islands and snow-capped mountains. This corner of paradise is… 

George Turner
Pro Light Camera Backpack: 3N1-35 PL George Turner

Time-lapsing the Drinking Horse

image Time-lapsing the Drinking Horse

Time, the most precious commodity on earth. The irreversible, continual advancement of the present moment. Everything we do takes time, even… 

Philip Thurston
Pro Light Camera Backpack: Bumblebee-220 PL Philip Thurston

Slow Down Tokyo

image Slow Down Tokyo

5:27 a.m. Home The sun knocked its way through the curtains and freckled light over our white bedspread. I could tell… 

The Importance of Trusted Gear

image The Importance of Trusted Gear

My name is Charlie Scarborough and I am a young entrepreneur and aspiring photographer. Oh yeah, and I am only 15… 

Charlie Scarborough
Street Medium Backpack Charlie Scarborough

Versatility In A Bag

image Versatility In A Bag

As I mentioned in my previous blog about the Rainforest Medium Backpack, bags are exceptionally important and choosing the right one… 

Adventuring in the Tsitsikamma

image Adventuring in the Tsitsikamma

I jumped with joy when Manfrotto asked me to review their newly launched National Geographic Rain Forest Collection. I cannot express… 

Sharyn Hodges
Rain Forest Medium Backpack for Personals, laptop, DSLR with lenses Sharyn Hodges

Filming in Soho, with my shoulder bag

image Filming in Soho, with my shoulder bag

After scouting locations and photographing Soho in London (see my previous article with my NX backpack here ) I was ready to start filming!… 

Sarah Barlondo
Bordeaux Shoulder Bag for CSC with additional lens Sarah Barlondo

Seascape Workshop in Melbourne

image Seascape Workshop in Melbourne

I am a professional photographer working mainly with tourism bodies, handling workshops and traveling. I love everything about photography, I do… 

Ading Attamimi
Professional Backpack 50 Ading Attamimi