IMG_20150312_114044 14 May 2015

Not much is needed to take better photographs. Sometimes all you need is the right bag.


The main thing that turns most people off when thinking about going on a photography field trip isn’t laziness, it’s the thought of having to lug around all the uncomfortable photographic equipment.

I’m a professional photographer, photo-coach, but above all a blogger ( and author. My activity is based on the need to make “photography” easy for everyone, to help those who want to find satisfaction in this wonderful hobby or work and to be able to make photographic excursions and photo-walking as pleasant as possible. This is why I’m always looking for the best technical solutions that minimize the discomfort of carrying around photographic equipment.

Thanks to Manfrotto I found the Advanced Tri Backpack medium to be the ideal tool for carrying my Mirrorless camera kit.

I’m writing this story just after coming back from a photographic hike on the Cansiglio plateau (, which was necessary for completing my next book. It’s a well-known plain in the Veneto region, but it’s historically famous for being one of the main basins from which the Serenissima Republic of Venice got the timber it needed. The plain isn’t technically complex to visit and live on, but it allows you to access places that are practically uncontaminated.


The backpack is a fundamental element on my excursions and in my opinion it needs to ensure four essential things so as not to become yet another burden that limits one’s movements:

1. allow easy access to the photography kit

2. have numerous dedicated compartments that are easily accessible

3. guarantee protection in all weather conditions

4. be light and compact

The Advanced Tri Backpack medium  was a wonderful surprise; Manfrotto has managed to combine all these necessities that I consider to be fundamental.


As for as capacity is concerned, there were no problems at all; although it’s a very compact backpack space is maximized so I was able take the whole Mirrorless camera kit with me which consists of a Camera + 3 lenses and I even had room left over for an extra sweater and the protection bag against heavy rain (this gadget comes with the Manfrotto backpack).

The top pocket comes with a compartment where I put my tablet, a topographical map and a number of personal effects such as keys/wallet/glasses/beverage/batteries and accessories. In one of the side pockets I placed a basic survival kit (flashlight + Victorinox) and since I had to take landscape photos I placed a neutral filter kit, inclusive of a dedicated holder (support), in the other side pocket.





The Advanced Tri Backpack medium real strength however is when you use it; I use a GPS on my excursions, which I easily managed to fasten directly to the clip on the backpack’s strap. Access to the photographic kit is made very easy, quick and safe thanks to the lateral openings that are optimally arranged.

Another great feature of this backpack is that you can convert it from a “standard backpack” to a “mono-shoulder backpack” (right or left) and it comes with a system that makes it possible to access the compartments when you change lens/camera without having to place it on the ground; I found this to be extremely useful during my latest excursion because the melting snow on the ground created a muddy path and I had very few spots where I could place my bag to carry out the changes.

The photographic outing on the Cansiglio plain was a long one; it was a splendid day and I managed to visit, wrapped in uncontaminated nature, beautiful Valmanera.



In total I covered about 10 km, but thanks to this backpack the hike was extremely comfortable, practical and less strenuous than it could have been. For a hiking photographer this means everything, because it’s essential to be able to devote full attention to the creative aspect without necessarily being distracted by technical limitations.


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