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Barcelona, photographs of new niches.

When I go on a trip, whether it be short or long, I always try to take the essential things with me. Of course a lot depends on where I’m going, on the type of trip and consequently, the type of baggage I carry with me, but in general I don’t like traveling with a great deal of clothes or things that I might be able to find in the country of destination. I’m convinced that when traveling all you need is yourself and little else, and that a trip is “enriching”; I love to travel light, both physically and mentally. There’s something however that I always take with me: my camera. I’m constantly looking for a solution that is practical and at the same time capable of handling all my shooting kit (batteries and battery chargers, memory sticks, second lens, tripod) and that keeps my mind at ease as far as protection and security are concerned. Since I have a travel and photography blog, which I like to keep updated even when I’m traveling around the world, I also need to take other technological gear with me such as an iPad and a mini hard disk where I store my photos.

The Minibee backpack by Manfrotto, which is robust, spacious and has well-organized spaces and pockets, resolved this problem by combining fundamental elements such as convenience and protection.  So I decided to take it with me to Barcelona for the weekend. I put a couple of change of clothes in my hand luggage and I placed my Nikon and all the technical and technological equipment inside the Minibee’s various compartments. I was able to take the Minibee with me on the plane as a personal bag thanks to its compact size. While on the trip I managed to place a city guide, a travel notebook and my wallet inside the backpack’s rear pocket.  I thought this solution would be quite convenient for air travel, however once I arrived in Barcelona and seeing as how this bag’s zippers are so practical and secure, I had it with me all the time during my stay.


Thanks to the Manfrotto Minibee bag my Nikon and I never separated and we had a great time, as always; we revisited the places we knew and discovered many new ones. It was like being in a treasure hunt; we went in search of streets and places where creativity and color are the watchwords.



I walked a lot and explored quite a bit. I discovered areas of Barcelona that I didn’t know; places that had been completely revived, revitalized, painted with new colors and animated by new atmospheres. I tried to capture different places, unusual perspectives, street scenes and the city’s habits.



The sun definitely helped me. The sky was blue and the light in the air was simply perfect for taking satisfying shots. I had a great time discovering the city’s beautiful niches; places that were sought and found with immense joy. I photographed floors, walls and buildings that are works of art; I discovered cheerful and lively neighborhoods and fell in love, once again, with the squares and artistic locations.



A weekend in search of a new Barcelona; a city with a particular charm, at times decadent, at times vintage and sometimes chic. It was great to see you again Barcelona.


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