featured 31 Aug 2016

My new Advanced Travel Backpack

I was given the perfect opportunity to test my new Advanced Travel Backpack this week, when I was booked to shoot British male model Tom Kelly gracing the beaches of the East coast.



I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of shooting in bright sunshine and this is normally never a big problem in the UK anyway. On the shoot day, I got up early and prepped my kit for the day, I wanted to use as much natural light as I could, so I decided to use my Nikon D800 fitted with my Tokina 100mm lens, as most of the shots required were portraits.



The first thing I noticed about packing my kit into the Advanced Travel Backpack, was just how much space is in it and the design has been well though out. I fitted my Nikon D800 and D750 in with ease, as I mentioned I had my Tokina 100mm lens and I also packed my Nikon ’nifty fifty’, together with my Go Pro kit.



I also took two Nikon speed lights, 4 triggers, a shutter release cable, spare batteries, CF cards and some light refreshments. Normally, my back pack is getting full at this stage, but I still had space to pack my Macbook Air in its own safe and secure area.



The day started off pretty overcast and the beach wasn’t the best I’d worked on, but it was dry and I knew if the light stayed as it was, then I’d much prefer shooting in it.

I had a good look around and found a spot that would be perfect for shooting at all day, it was also a bit off the beaten track, so I would have nobody stood watching all day or standing in the background.


As the day went on, the sun really started to shine and by 1pm it was around 70ºc and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

We shot for around 4hrs before the model had to leave, which was a shame really because as the sun was going down, the sky looked amazing, would have been an ideal time to get those speed lights out for some OCF.

I finally got home around 7:30pm and the first thing I do is download the images from my CF card and clean all my kit, which is usually quite messy after a beach shoot, sand just seems to get everywhere. But to my surprise, I was pleased to see that zips had kept all compartments extremely clean and dry, no traces of sand inside my back pack at all… very pleased with that!

All in all, I am very impressed with the Advanced Travel Backpack and I am very much looking forward to packing even more kit into it for up and coming location shoots.


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