1 9 Oct 2015

Angels of The Olympics.

This is a personal creative project that came together in July 2015 in my hometown of Sarajevo, Bosnia.

The idea was to shed a light of the unfortunate state of the 1984 Olympics venues, in hope that someone sees the value and possibly finds the way to make an investment and rebuild.
Just like my project in Elmina Castle, Ghana few years back, I wanted to make something beautiful out of not so fortunate situation.

The cover image and the rest of the story can be seen in the Bosnian weekly Magazine Azra




The shoot was true definition of a team effort:
Models: Adna Avdic, Rea Raspudic and Nadine Micic
Make up: Maja Koristovic Talovic
Hair: Adi Gasic
Post Production: Igor Kenzavi Cvetanovic
Assistants: Edin Dzeko & Eldin Hasanagic
The props for the project were made my Belma Zisko, and courtesy of Senad Cavdar.
Special thanks to : Ela, Benis, Vanja, Alma, Ines, Ciko and the ZOI 84.





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