Octoraro 30 Sep 2015

Manfrotto Pro Backpack 50 – Chasing the Light.

Being a full time professional landscape photographer for the past 15 years I’ve used my fair share of bags. I felt I could truly put this backpack to the test traveling all over the United States teaching workshops and of course chasing the light. My first impression upon opening the Backpack 50 was that it felt like a solid bag and I could tell right away there would be plenty of room to fit the gear I would need along my journeys.


back country of Tioga County, Pennsylvania

My son Zach captured this moment during our excursion down the mountain side of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon. Getting to this creek was nothing short of a miracle considering everything was slick from the morning dew and the creek was 30 feet down a very steep hill. I had my doubts about climbing down because I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get back up. The results were worth the climb. You never know if you never go.

tioga final

After using the bag for a few months I’ve become accustomed to it, almost like it has become a part of me. I always say buy a tripod you like because if you don’t like it, you will never use it. I feel the same goes for bags. If it’s not comfortable or easy to work out of, you won’t enjoy using it. I found that it’s very easy to work out of and I also enjoy how you don’t have to completely open the bag up to get your camera out. There are two things that I’m never without, my Gitzo tripod and my Manfrotto bag.


Mercer’s Mill along the Octoraro creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Mercer’s Mill Covered Bridge is a local spot I shoot at from time to time. It is the gap between Lancaster and Chester County Pennsylvania. This is a gorgeous area for shooting year round but in spring and winter the beauty of nature truly shows itself.

Mercers Snow

Mercers Spring

I’m an avid back country explorer, always looking for something new and different to shoot.  Getting lost is part of the adventure.  Stay up to date with my most recent outings at www.edheaton.com or on Facebook.

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