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I’m the Roller Bag 70 by Eric BOUVET

I’m the Manfrotto Roller Bag 70 (the largest) and I can carry (nearly) anything a photographer might want. A photographer might sometimes make selections for what equipment to take on vacation, but sometimes he or she might bring along the whole collection. Because a photographer never quits, even when there’s no camera around. The photographer’s eye is always framing a shot, scoping out the scene at hand so everything comes together (the work is ever-present and constant…it’s about training the eye even when there is nothing to create with.

So, while I’m waiting, my owner loads me up, again and again! They gave him a 4×5 large format chamber from the 1940s, in the style of Margaret Bourke-White. This is a bulky device, a big wooden box, but it lets you take images straight on, like a Hasselblad, except it’s what you call large format. Of course, you need to bring gear for plan-film. And since you never know, a digital Fuji XT1 as well as a Leica M3 with negative b&w.


That didn’t include the tripod! It’s a good thing I know just what to do! I’ve got a special pouch that folds out so it can be set inside. When you see me in all my glory, I’ve got several Velcro compartments and some great pockets in the same style with net and zip closure. So big lenses are easy to fit inside.

Next time, I’ll take on the 20X25, which is even bigger!

I’ve got dividers that have integrated Velcro at the ends so you can add compartments depending on the material you’re bringing. I am practical!

They’re easy to open, but the top is held secure by straps. They are practical because there’ll be no dragging along the ground and breaking those zip fasteners.

I am easy to transport and I have a retractable handle, like all suitcases with wheels. Oh, and my wheels are slim, so I glide along effortlessly as you take me from place to place.


Straps to hold the tripod are included, and so is a waterproof pouch to cover the bag. It’s got great design. There are openings for carrying a tripod on the bag. Or collapse the bag with Velcro. Now you get how well-constructed I really am!

Also, I’m sturdy. Really sturdy! A friend of the photographer’s is helping to take me out of the trunk of the car, but then he slips, and takes me down with him. But no need to panic! Nothing got busted inside because my sides and corners are reinforced. Good thing too, because I also have a compartment for a laptop.

If conditions get a little wet, the photographer may not want to stop to get a waterproof cover to wrap me all up. But who cares? My exterior is water resistant.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot. I’m elegant too! I’m beautifully finished and sleek. Sure, I can carry a lot but I’m no bulky old bag!




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