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Fragments of life

Photography’s task? To tell a story, a moment a life, through an image; donating and welcoming. Knowing that photography not only enriches the photographer but above all the viewer. Those who take photos are constantly bombarded by images often stemming directly from their mind; snapshots that are invisible but distinctly clear. This is my work, my momentary study… I narrate instants, I narrate lives, I narrate the essential.


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Choosing a backpack is not always simple and predictable. Backpacks are an essential accessory, an exemption of the equipment. This why I chose the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 20. This indestructible backpack not only effectively holds my camera equipment, but it’s also incredibly comfortable and portable even when wearing it for several hours. I need to constantly move around darting about, which is why portability and above all convenience are always top priority. Most of my photos are taken in the marine environment, often even immersed in water; the safety of the waterproofing material, the padding and the accessories supplied keep my mind at ease.




I present a series of photographs taken from my latest project called human landscapes, where the landscape merges with the human figure; a timeless marriage. A man/land fusion that pushes my creativity to a metaphysical blending of subjects. A re-elaborated version that requires continuous photographic outings, often in wet and hazardous environments. But in the end the beauty of photography is just that: discovery, research and madness.



They’re shots taken in one go, often unexpected; subjects extrapolated from daily life. Dynamism is another important point of interest. Men, women, children and animals, contribute through motion to the dancing of the elements, to their fate of constantly changing beings. The horse, a majestic animal, fascinating and dignified. I love the expressive force that the photo takes on, the purity of the lines and the body that blends with the corresponding seascape.


I used a Canon 5D MKII to take these shots and two wide-angle lenses: a Canon 17-40 f4 L and a sigma 12-24 series 2. I also used the indestructible Manfrotto 190 XPROB, a more than valid travel companion.



Giovanni Cassarà

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Giving the gift of beauty

To give moments of a lived life as a gift… to give simplicity, beauty, this is my goal. A land ravaged by crime, labeled and poorly exploited; this is the location immortalized in my shots. This is my Sicily.

Opposing the common stereotype, fighting through beauty, appropriating and enhancing the value of places that are, for the most part, invisible. To give beauty as a gift means giving happiness and reviving feelings of pride. Through images we can express feelings of grievance, change and rebirth.

Landscape photography requires time, dedication, study, precision and the right tools. I use a Canon 5D MKII, a Canon 17-40 F4L, an ND Hoya 400 filter, a Manfrotto 190 XPROB and a Manfrotto PL-3n1-35 Backpack. Choosing a backpack, like choosing a tripod, is closely linked to the type of shooting required and the equipment owned. I need to move around, sometimes even for long distances, so I chose a backpack and not a handbag. The 3N1-35PL BACKPACK is not only very durable and capacious but it is also very light, thus giving me the comfort and safety I need.

I simply cannot do without my Manfrotto 190 XPROB which, thanks to its adjustable structure, allows me to position my reflex close to the ground or place it in small creeks or even close to small streams.




Methodology and procedures

The weather conditions are certainly one of the key aspects that determine the quality of the final shot (usually when there’s bad weather I’m taking a picture somewhere). The sky, in my compositions, is the element that decides if, where and how to take the photographs. Water, which thanks to very slow shutter speeds, gives my photos a special touch and unique moments. And finally the wind, which lately is finding space in my images, has led me to the countryside where I can experiment with the ND filters directly on the moving vegetation.

I love autumn because of the array of colors that the vegetation offers and the winter by the sea, which offers raw images and deserted beaches with natural debris brought to the shore by the current. And of course spring with its beautiful sunsets.

I prefer the early morning hours when taking this sort of picture or, alternatively, the late afternoon because indirect light is warmer, suffused and much more manageable.

The composition is perhaps the key element in this kind of photography. Landscapes are not easy to photograph, or rather it’s not easy to create a landscape that draws attention. A detailed composition is the key to everything and to this fundamental element we must add the sensitivity and creativity of the person taking the photo; creating a combination of observation and technique. Furthermore, thanks to the study of visual perception, this balance is easily accessible and customizable by anyone.

Regrettably, or fortunately, I have always been fond of painting. Highlighting a beautiful landscape and remaining within certain aesthetic limits is not a simple task. It takes years of trials, failures and successes, to frantically pursue one’s own personal style, which is difficult to find and maintain over time.









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