SAMSUNG CSC 6 May 2015

Working On-site

In this photographic world we live in, with an ever growing competition, what really makes a difference is the connection between a client and a photographer.
Among the many photographers, most of them can offer technique, but the human touch is individual to each photographer and no one is able to replicate it.
One of the things my clients appreciate the most about me is the fact that I can work anywhere they want me to, from my photo studio in downtown Barcelona to a desert beach in Fuerteventura.
Can you imagine working on a distant beach in the middle of nowhere at 6 a.m., with all the equipment that is available in a studio? Can you imagine having all the lighting and photographic equipment, a laptop, and the fact of being able to see the big picture and to reveal a raw film for the client to get virtually final results on-site?

Years ago, all of this would have been unheard of, but today’s technology provides us with convenient portable equipments to perform on-site photo sessions with all the equipment that is available in a studio at hand.
Nowadays, I have 600W and 1,200W portable reflectors that cover all my lighting requirements wherever I go. Lithium batteries have greatly improved portability, being 50% lighter than the older gel batteries. 600W portable reflectors can be purchased for less than €500, and they only weight around 5.5 pounds.

nflash side 800px

This allows you to use your lighting wherever you go, but what really makes a difference is how comfortable you can work when using all of your available gadgets.
These are my must-have:

–        Shadow briefcase to mount my Mac on a lighting stand, by Seaport Digital
–        Wi-Fi adapter or USB cable extension for connecting a portable camera.
–        Light shapers (Octabox, Stripbox, etc. ) that can be mounted in only 30 seconds.
–        And, of course, the Trolley Manfrotto Professional Roller Bag 70

Thanks to all these goodies, I allow myself the luxury to take all the necessary equipment to any of my photo sessions.
On my last trip, I took photos for a German production company in Fuerteventura.
The photos are to be used for a fitness DVD cover and counter-cover for the German market. This time, we created 3 different covers in a two-week period.
We worked on three different sites: a luxury villa specially rented for the occasion, a beach, and a fishing pier.
At all locations, our setting allows us to have, without the use of power generators, all the convenience of a studio to see the results of what we are doing at all times, allowing us to apply changes or take different shots according to the obtained results, along with the same lighting we use at the studio.

One of the most common issues when traveling is the where to carry the equipment.
These days, airlines are more and more reluctant to allowing hand luggage, and our equipment is neither small or lightweight. In the Manfrotto trolley I usually carry:

–        2 full-frame bodies
–        Sigma 15-30 for background images
–        Nikon 135mm DC F2 as my main lens
–        Nikon 85mm PC-E for wider portraits
–        Nikon 50mm F1.4G for more scenic shots
–        Radio shooters
–        2 600W portable flashes
–        Macbook plus charger
–        Memory cards
–        ND variable filter and converter rings
–        Card readers and mixed cables

manfrotto bag800px
(The second portable flash does not appear in this picture because I used it to take the picture)

Carrying all this equipment as regular hand luggage would be unthinkable, but this Manfrotto trolley has an outstanding capacity and complies with most airlines’ hand luggage measurement requirements.
I carry the rest of the equipment in a larger 31.5” hard case that I got in London a few years ago, which fits the spotlight stands that I usually use.
For me and my clients, the ability to use outside all of the equipment that is typically available in a studio, is a must.
Clients are most grateful, and they appreciate working at a beach with the ability of evaluating the obtained results inside a van, while engaging in the production process, which helps consolidate our brand name.
I have tried working with basic equipment, but it is simply not the same, and after finishing the project, you go back to your studio to realize that you have missed one angle, or that you could have done things differently for better results, but then it is just too late.
The fact of working where the client wants, with all the equipment that is usually available in a studio, has become an important part of my success as a photographer, and I could not have made it without using all the accessories that allow me to work on-site as if I were at my studio.
Results speak for themselves. Please, take a look at my 2015 new portfolio

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