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It was my first trip to the West Coast in a long time. I was invited by Apple to do photographic coverage of the new products launch event, of course travelling from Japan by airplane. With the venue for the recital announced as Cupertino (near the airport), and local accommodation in San Francisco, I chose to bring along the Manfrotto Pro Roller Bag 50 MB for its ability to accommodate the busy shuttle bus commute to the downtown venue.

A roller bag is easier to pull while you walk, so it is a blessing for safely carrying a lot of equipment.




It is a real bonus to be able to easily store this compact yet large capacity roller bag in the overhead compartment in business class (depending on airline regulations for the particular plane you are on).

You definitely don’t want to leave things alone at the airport and always have them within eyesight; in other words, a compact size that allows for high mobility.



Even during the flight, I tried lowering the Manfrotto Pro Roller Bag 50 MB from the overhead compartment to check some data on my MacBook Pro, and it turned out to be a very smooth process.

Of course when moving from the airport to downtown and also moving to the hotel, it goes without saying that it was very comfortable to wheel this bag with its highly rollability wheels.



Upon arrival, I started walking around San Francisco shooting snaps. I took a tram ride to the pier, and started strolling randomly from there, stopping at every scene that caught my eye. I also sometimes changed lenses. Though photography in the city entails a lot of stop-and-go, with the compact and the high rollability Manfrotto Pro Roller Bag 50 MB , this did not at all affect my shooting rhythm.

With the smoothly zipping zipper, cushioning properties of the partition and the high visibility into the interior it provides, it is great for quickly removing equipment and provides reassurance when you go over the steps of the sidewalk. It is a relief that I was able to complete the shooting safely and comfortably after the long flight.



At the actual shooting on the following day, the bag again allowed me to compactly carry a digital SLR camera body, ultra-wide zoom, standard zoom, telephoto zoom, and a super-telephoto zoom.

It even safely saw me through my trip to the Silicon Valley.



With the Manfrotto Pro Roller Bag 50 MB protecting my equipment, I was able to move smoothly and comfortably around. Combining the functionality of a shoulder bag and backpack, the Roller Bag allows for shooting of a larger variety of scenes.



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