MasanoriS_20141029_01 7 Dec 2014

Photographing fall leaves in Nikko with the help of the Manfrotto backpack.

You’re on a weekend drive to a town away from the bustle of the big city to take some photos. Even if the destination was determined in advance, you want to travel light so you can visit out-of-the-way places or events that catch your fancy.

This particular trip was to Nikko in Tochigi Prefecture. After hearing that the colored autumn leaves were in full vigor on the television news, I was there in a jiffy.

Going to a place like Nikko for photography, I tend to want to reduce my baggage to a minimum. “Minimum” is actually not so little, however, with not only zoom lenses, macro lenses, DSLR bodies and tripods, but also a laptop with portable HD. To this end, lately I have grown attached to the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 20 MB for allowing me to store all this. Though this bag essentially designed for cameras is compact, it nevertheless also has capacity for a laptop and tripod, which is why I have grown so fond of its storage and protective abilities.

Catching the 4 am train from Tokyo, I arrived in Nikko at around 7:00. Because it was early, there were still few ” koyo” (autumn leaves viewing) tourists around and I was able to wander freely around Lake Chuzenji taking photos.


[Lake Chuzenji]




 [Leaves dancing in the water]

Because a tripod can be attached to the MP Backpack 20 , it is easy to move around with the camera in hand. The camera with the zoom lens attached can be stowed as is, and then easily taken out when you get the desire to take a photo.

[Opening the MP Backpack 20]

Luckily, this day was blessed with good weather. It would not matter if it were rainy, however, since the MP Backpack 20 is equipped with a rain protector, blocking external moisture and keeping the bag interior dry.

MasanoriS_20141029_06[Autumn leaves]

 MasanoriS_20141029_07[Frost on plants]

MasanoriS_20141029_08[Autumn leaves]

 As above, the MP Backpack 20 has space to store a laptop computer (for photos I use MacBook Air 13-inch) allowing you to check your photos while you travel and edit them when you have time.
The MP Backpack 20 also features a protective cushion that protects your equipment from shock or shaking, standing you in good stead even when moving around to shoot photos.
I often walk around with high-precision devices such as portable external HD that store laptop and image data stowed in my bag, so shock resistance is of vital importance to me.

The MP Backpack 20 is perfect for use over long periods as it is compact and easily stores all my equipment securely, so it is sure accompany me on future trips.

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