2 24 Nov 2014

My Right Hand on the Journey of Food Photography


As a food photographer, I knew my occupation is apparently good but hard in practice. Having decided to go in for food photography, I am doomed to be a brave traveler who can’t perfect herself without hardships on the way. Therefore, I have to endure loneliness and fight on all fronts. Only in this way can I smile through all challenging situations to live a life in full blossom!

Some friends of mine admire at my chances of tasting fine food, but neglect my painstaking study of all kinds of ingredients by reading books. They see me post pictures late at night, yet know nothing about the fact that my hands got burnt in the smoky kitchen. They find my photos especially attractive, yet are not aware of my hard work far into the night with heavy camera bag on my back. They envy me for being flashy all the time, but seem oblivious to the same thing I have done repetitively year in and year out…


Manfrotto Camera Backpack serves as my right hand on the journey of food photography. Designed with a well-rounded arc, the camera bag is easy to carry and has a large capacity to hold my shooting devices in different sizes. It isn’t heavy for me because the straps can help ease the burden. Besides, I can walk in an easy manner, feeling little weight of the devices even with my tripod slung over my shoulder.


When a friend started his Japanese restaurant some while ago, I was assigned to be the food photographer. Close-up views of small sushi and sashimi can’t do without micro-lens. Every time I would take a camera, along with two interchangeable lenses which could be set to the best angle in finding a good view. I do like this Manfrotto Backpack a lot. It is large enough for two lenses, a camera, as well as a flashlight, for the red partition can be adjusted according to my personal preferences. There would be no need to worry about collisions between lenses and camera after the black net being hauled up. In addition, shocks can also be avoided as I walked about with it.

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The string bag on the other side of the camera backpack can hold small items ranging from rain cover, battery, charger, scrim to lens cap. Personal effects including purse, cosmetic bag, and umbrella can be put into the string bag when I am out on my photography jobs, which makes my trip easier for me. Mom would never have to worry about whether I would leave things behind. Haha~


Made of waterproof fabrics, the camera bag can protect my shooting devices from the drizzle on the shooting day. With the rain cover put on the bag to protect my precious lenses, I could set my mind at ease with an umbrella in hand.

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