6 25 Nov 2014

Feeling safe.

That ‘s the most important thing for me when it comes to camera equipment.

I’ve been a portrait and fashion photographer for 14 years and I travel the world quite frequently.

Despite of being a person quite messy and disorganized I have developed a meticulous “mania” in respect of items that can make my life easier in my travels.

I have 2 camera kits, one Canon, consisting of 3 camera bodies, a 1ds mark3, a 5dmark2 and a 5d mark 3 and 5 lenses including a single zoom lens, a 70-200mm (I’ve always been a fan and supporter of the fixed lenses ). http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/slr_cameras

The other kit is Mamiya http://www.mamiyaleaf.com, Camera thatI loved so much since I started doing this job, and with which I shot in film and beloved polaroids.

Today my mamiya RZ 67 ProIID is not equipped with film holders anymore but with a Phase One digital back.

As said before I give a lot of attention to objects that make my life easier, especially in my job.

I love tools with pockets. Eeach and everyone of them take a key role in the organization of my equipment.

The pocket for cables of Lacie thunderbolt that I use for continuous and countless back ups of my files (I’m obsessive about backing up) .

And modular compartments, of course, for Cameras and lenses.

The external pocket for smartphones, passport etc and is something I always love to have in a bag because it allows me not to have to open and close the trolley thousands of times.

Yes, because it’s a trolley what I’m talking about.

I think there is nothing more comfortable and convenient when it comes to traveling with cameras and professional equipment than a trolley that keeps everything in place and you can carry hand luggage on the plane.

The type of work I do always takes me to rent any kind of different lights and equipment on site, depending on where and what the location is.

The only thing I’m very jealous of, and I want to have under control is the camera equipment, which I own personally.

I go everywhere with them and the Manfrotto bag. (It helps me to be light, and safe).

Lately I’ve been to Ibiza for two different jobs.

It wasn’t exactly high season and coming from NY, flights to the island are not as frequent and convenient when it comes to July or August.

I had a few lay overs, in particular, in Rome I had to change the airport to catch the last flight to take me to the Balearic Islands.

My previous flight was delayed but running and putting some pressure to the driver I miraculously made it.

Having comfortable and lightweight luggage allowed me to don’t board anything and to be very quick in those changes. Let’s say it was a crucial detail.

The next morning we started working, and we drove around the island loading and unloading trucks of equipment moving from one location to another for a few days.

My assistants are great at keeping everything perfectly organized and taking care of my equipment, trying to keep them always in a particular order that helps to be fast when it comes to shooting with limited time ,due to the search for a natural light that surely does not wait for a photographer to be comfortable…

A few days later I was back on the plane, everything in order, no trace of sand or salt.

Sigh of relief … Have a good trip!







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