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In Iceland with Manfrotto

Iceland is located on the mid Atlantic ridge, and has strong volcanic and geothermal activity, which is one of the main features of the landscape thus providing breathtaking views at this destination to which countless photographers flock.

For this trip I used the Manfrotto Pro Backpack 50.

Iceland, Manfrotto, photography, photography of excursions, Manfrotto Pro Backpack 50

The PRO 50 Professional collection is able to contain and protect a professional SLR with mounted zoom, an additional machine body, five/six additional objectives, a flash, a 17″ laptop, various accessories and small personal items and can accommodate an externally attached tripod.

Now we are going to discover some Icelandic photo icons.

The Kirkjufell is a small mountain on the coast of Iceland; photographed from the left side, near Grundarfjordur, it has the characteristic shape of a tip.

With the famous waterfall of Kirkjufellfoss, one may get interesting first floors.

Islanda, Kirkjufell, Manfrotto, photography photography of excursions, Manfrotto Proback 50

Iceland Kirkjufellfoss, photography, photography of excursions

Iceland Kirkjufell photography,of excursions

At nightfall, weather permitting and with a little luck, one may visit the most fascinating nature show, the aurora borealis.

The aurora borealis is the result of the interaction between the solar winds and the upper layers of the atmosphere of the earth which is about 100 km altitude. The terrestrial magnetic field directs the charge of electrons from the sun toward the magnetosphere on top of its two magnetic poles, the North Pole and the South Pole. And it is for this reason that the best places to observe the Aurore is the arctic circles. The aurora borealis is visible from late August to late April.

Iceland, Kirkjufell, the aurora borealis, photography and photography of excursions

– Jökulsárlón

Jökulsárlón is the largest and best known lake of glacial origin of Iceland. Situated to the south of the glacier Vatnajökull, between the National Park Skaftafell and the city of Höfn.

One of its most surprising features is the presence of numerous iceberg that detach from the glacier and drift toward the ocean. The colors of these small icebergs range from turquoise to deep blue, yellow due to of volcanic sulphide, black because of ash, and obviously white, in different shades.

Upon arrival at the ocean, be transported by the currents and waves toward the black volcanic beach sand.

Iceland Jökulsárlón, Ghiaccaio, photography and photography of excursions

Iceland, Vik, photography and photography of excursions

Iceland is generally defined as the land of ice and fire, but it is equally true that this land of wild and pristine beauty is also called by the most experienced the water planet. Water is in fact present in all its forms and it flows from the mighty glaciers of the hinterland toward the ocean becoming so many times thundering performances of vertical water or escaping from impetuous subsoil in the form of an impressive geyser.

The Seljalandsfoss, Cascata Liquida, is among the most famous waterfalls. It is shown on many calendars dedicated to Iceland and book covers nationally because of its unmistakable aspect and its wild beauty.

Iceland, Seljalandsfoss, photography, photography of excursion

The Skógafoss Waterfall

According to legend, the first viking to have become established in the area, hid a treasure, a coffer filled with gold coins in the cave behind the waterfall. There are those claim to have seen the golden reflection of the coins, when the sun strikes the water with its rays. Many people have searched for the treasure, a boy was successful and he found the coffer and by attaching a rope to one of the lateral rings, began to pull, but the ring broke and the coffer sank. The silver ring with runic engravings was later used as a handle of the portal of the Church of Skógar and can today be admired at the museum. The grandiose Skógafoss is also attributed a magical power: it says that anyone who bathes in its waters may be able to find a long lost object.

Iceland, Skógafoss, photography and photography of excursions

Geysir (also known as the great Geysir) is believed to be the oldest known geyser.

The same word geyser comes from Geysir.

Its eruptions, sometimes irregular, push the streams of boiling water up to a height of 60 meters. In 1845 it reached a height of 170 meters. Between June 17th and 20th 2000, Geysir reached a height of 122 meters for 2 days: it is in fact considered as the highest among the geysers in activity, even among provisional ones.

Iceland, Geysir, photography and photographic of excursions

I conclude with another location that I loved, the abandoned plane wreck of the anonymous Sólheimasandur beach. On November 24th,1973 a Super Douglas DC-3 of the US Navy was forced to an emergency landing on a remote beach of Sólheimasandur in south west Iceland. The whole crew survived the impact and managed to escape.

There are still many unexplained mysteries about the air disaster: not only have they never been accurately stated with the cause of the emergency landing, but also there are conflicting opinions on the exact date of the accident. Navy American military stated that it took place on November 24th, but local sources reported November 23rd or 21st. The aircraft was abandoned on the spot, a sign that it was  seriously damaged in the impact, and today it is only an empty carcass : it seems that a farmer of a neighboring farm has cut and removed the wings and rudder for resale to mysterious collectors presumably from the surroundings

Iceland, Sólheimasandur, plane wreck, photograph, photograph of excursion

All photos were taken during the November PHOTO TRAVEL organized by CLICKALPS.A special thanks goes to the entire group present during this wonderful travel, Micheal Nebuloni for shots of the backstage, Maurizio Palumbo for the fantastic company Bottigelli Marco and Francesco Vaninetti.


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COPERTINAcopia 25 Apr 2015

Bobbio and val Trebbia, ”the most beautiful valley in the world”

The city of Bobbio has an incredibly long history and is located in a valley considered by Hemingway to be “the most beautiful in the world”: Val Trebbia. Bobbio, situated in the province of Piacenza, is a religious center, as can be seen by the Monastery of San Colombano, an Irish monk. It’s also an economic and trade junction thanks to the ancient salt route. I often go to photograph this beautiful landscape. The town of Bobbio is known for its famous PONTE GOBBO or PONTE DEL DIAVOLO (Devil’s Bridge) and the legend associated with this bridge.

Legend has it that San Colombano, saddened because of the Trebbia floods that prevented him from seeing the river so as to evangelize the inhabitants of the area, was visited by the devil, who offered him the construction of the bridge in exchange for the first soul that crossed it.
The saint accepted the offer, and in just one night the bridge was built with the help of 11 demons who held up the arches, but since they were of different stature, the work turned out, and still is, GOBBA (hunchbacked).
San Colombano liked the bridge just the same and managed to stick to the agreement by means of a trick: in fact he got his faithful dog to cross the bridge.


When I go out photographing I always have my MANFROTTO MINIBEE PL-120 backpack with me; I find it to be a great companion for adventure. The Minibee 120 backpack from the Pro-Light line can be used as hand luggage on a plane and it’s perfect for carrying a DSLR with 6-8 additional lenses + flash + other accessories, or a compact camcorder with battery charger, accessories and filters. It has a special pocket for an iPad or notebook. The front photo compartment can be opened either completely or just the higher and lower sections, and it’s customizable thanks to the dividers. It comes with a rain and sunshade cover; the silver-plated side of the rain cover reflects sunlight and prevents your equipment from overheating. It’s also equipped with a tripod carrying bag. There’s great attention to detail and the materials used are of high quality.

PHOTO2 copy

The tripod placed in the middle of the backpack balances the weight perfectly, even when walking on uneven ground. It remains perfectly static and balanced.


Since I live close by, as I mentioned before, I often go to this magnificent place and winter is another season in which I love to photograph it. A season where snow and ice give a magic touch.


Not far from Bobbio one can admire the CASCATE DEL PERINO falls, which I recommend you visit in the spring or winter when the falls are surrounded by ice and snow,


Here’s the first waterfall you come across along the path, which I find incredibly fascinating and easily accessible.


Just past Bobbio you can admire SAN SALVATORE.
The meanders of San Salvatore, between Bobbio and Marsaglia, are a series of loops that the Trebbia river describes within the “San Salvatore Sandstones”; a spectacular succession of sandstones, siltstones and clays evolving from ancient underwater sediments. This context coincides with the area’s geological surfacing called the “tectonic window” of Bobbio. It is made up of the more recent morphological formations of all the Apennines of Piacenza after they emerged as a result of the tectonic uplift, which began 1.6 million years ago. The river’s erosive action, which managed to dig vertical rock layers, steep slopes and a sinuous evolution that is usually observable in streams on plains, subsequently unearthed rocks, almost like opening the pages of a book.


I hope you enjoyed the story, if you have doubts on which backpack to buy do like I did. I chose MANFROTTO professional and high quality products!!
A special thanks to my photographer friend ALFONSO DELLA CORTE, for the backstage shots and for the wonderful day we spent together photographing.


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