IMG_9314 1 Jan 2016

Traveling with my new backpack

If you travel a lot and have to carry a lot of equipment, a suitable backpack is most important! For this reason, I checked out the backpack thoroughly for comfort and design. The most important things must, of course, always be quickly accessible. I need to access  my 13 inch laptop, filter, camera + lenses, flash, remote release and the tripod in a hurry. I also need to stow these away quickly and easily.


The empty backpack is very light and has numerous pockets at the sides and the front and under the flaps More important, however, is the main compartment, which can be opened quickly by means of two zippers.


Inside, you can simply adjust the separation compartments as required, so that each camera and its lenses will find a good place. Everything has its place, without slipping this way and that. The upper portion is doubly secured: the flap is closed with press studs. When you open these, you have another space inside, which is not separated into compartments. This is where I put my light jacket, a scarf and my wallet in.

I fly a lot and always take a jacket and a scarf, in case it gets colder on the plane. Therefore, I am very glad that these can fit in here as well. I also like the map of the world displayed on the flap.


My laptop finally found a comfortable place in the padded back pocket where one can carry it without being aware of it. With some backpacks, I had often had the edges of the laptop in my back. I also did not have to force the 13-inch laptop into the pocket, there really is sufficient space. I could even fit some travel documents in as well.


The backpack has many pockets, that can be opened quickly. Among the main flap at the top, one finds the first secret pocket in which a filter or a flash can be stored. There really is a lot of space here.


The lower portion has two other smaller pockets that can be opened quickly by means of a Velcro® strip. Here I have a few things readily at hand, such as chewing gum and cleaning cloth. On the last trip I tucked all my admission tickets in here because I wanted them to be at hand at all times.


If you pull the flap with the two bags upwards, two more large pockets become visible. Here I hid my spare phone, handkerchiefs and sunglasses. On the sides there also are two pockets available, which offer enough space for a water bottle. I can take out the bottle without taking the backpack off.

After I had packed everything in, the question arose how heavy the backpack was now, and how comfortable it would be to wear.

IMG_9025 (1)

Of course, the backpack has one really well-padded back panel, which evenly distributes the weight, and the back pack with the content can appear almost weightless. I was really surprised about how light the backpack with its contents was.

The straps also can be easily adjusted. Conclusion: The backpack offers plenty of space for a professional equipment and many paraphernalia that one needs for traveling without having to carry a heavy load on one’s back. The contents are all very easily accessible and the backpack also looks very classy.

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