1 19 Jan 2015

On the go with the Advanced Travel Backpack

As a nature photographer, I move, as the name suggests, primarily in the nature. You can find me in the Tyrolean mountains or even, since last few years, again and again in the north of Europe.

During my undertakings, of course, I would not waive any of my equipment, so choosing my backpack is my first priority.

But it is not only the entire photo equipment that has to find its place in the backpack. During hikes one also needs something to drink, eat and sometimes an additional jacket or shirt.

Until now I had a normal hiking backpack, camera and accessories placed simply with the other items in the stowage compartment. Order was something else.

The Manfrotto Advanced Travel Backpack could change this for my future hiking. Through clever partitioning of the backpack, Manfrotto has a storage space for everyday things and a separate room for camera and accessories.





The upper stowage space accommodates, without problems, a bottle of water, a jacket and a few more small things. In addition, a small compartment located on the top of the Travel Bag suits for keys, cell phone or wallet.

The camera compartment itself has a storage space in the center for the camera with attached lens, as well as left and right compartments for lenses and accessories.

The storage compartment and the camera compartment can be opened with a zipper only, a belt in the middle prevents opening too wide.
So you have quick access to the everyday things or eventually to another interchangeable lens.

For optimum wearing comfort, the Advanced Travel Backpack has a fixation in the chest and pelvic area. Thus, the backpack has a good hold on the body even when fully loaded.

This combination is perfect for day hikes. In addition, there is an expandable side pocket for small tripods, such as the Manfrotto BeFree (for someone who is very thirsty, a water bottle also has space here). When I need a bigger tripod, I use the Manfrotto 190CXPro, which can be attached to the backpack on the side or front with straps.

I’m usually traveling with my 5D Mark III and a wide-angle lens, but I can still easily accommodate an extra lens and accessories in the camera compartment space, even a 70-200 can be stowed. A 13″ notebook can be stowed easily and safely in a separate notebook compartment – when I now and then stay in huts and may want to examine some pictures, this is very convenient.

As a landscape photographer, one is on the go virtually in any weather. It may sometimes happen that you will be caught in a thunderstorm or heavy snowfall. The backpack itself already protects a little against precipitation, but if you are on the road in a rain/snowfall for longer time, only a rain cover helps here. The Advanced Travel Backpack includes a convenient rain protection. The protection is pulled on with a few simple steps – and the valuable contents is protected from rain and wetness.

To put it shortly, the backpack has very much proven itself during my recent hiking!

This year, the Advanced Travel Backpack will still come along with me on several working journeys. The size and stowage space is perfect match for use as hand luggage for air travel and a subsequent stroll. The camera with accessories is thus always with me.









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