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The Importance of Trusted Gear

My name is Charlie Scarborough and I am a young entrepreneur and aspiring photographer. Oh yeah, and I am only 15 years old; born and raised in beautiful Longview Texas. I have always had a passion for hunting and spending time outdoors, but after taking a trip to explore the eastern Sierra Nevadas in 2012, and seeing the expansive beauty of the high country, I became hooked.


Later, after returning to relatively boring Longview, I was determined to find a way to spend my time enjoying and sharing the beautiful scenery of places like the ones I had just visited. Fast-forward a couple of years later. In 2015, at the age of 14, I created an Instagram page with a curated feed of landscape and adventure photography. I was shocked as I saw my page gaining more and more popularity throughout the first few months. I continued to share other photographer’s shots, but I really longed for being able to post my own photographs. This past summer I had an opportunity to do just that. I was taking a backpacking trip to the wilderness of Southwestern Colorado. The trip had been planned over a span of a few months, so I had time to prepare. All the sudden I had an idea. I immediately reached out to a couple of outdoor companies that I had stumbled across on Instagram. I asked if I could receive a few free products to take along on the trip to photograph among the mountain scenery. The whole thing was a success so I slowly began to form into an outdoor media company, specializing in product photography, videography, and advertising. By the end of 2015, I had reached over twenty thousand followers on Instagram, which I was extremely proud of. Now I have my own website showcasing a portfolio with work for over 30 companies and counting.



The Importance of Trusted Gear


Courtesy Kajo Photography

The best gear related advice I can give for any photographer is use gear that you can trust. A common error I see from many amateur photographers (including myself) is not listening to this advice. Most people search the internet or their local camera shop for the cheapest gear in an effort to save money. What I have come to realize is that investing in rugged gear always pays off in the end. At Manfrotto, they really take that to heart. You can always feel confident in gear that you purchase from them.

Recently, I acquired a Manfrotto Street bag to hold my gear for day trips. The pack has flawlessly fit all of my needs and more. It has plenty of space and organization for my camera gear, while maintaining a slim and compact size. Overall, It is personally one of my favorite packs because of its stylish yet rugged design.


As photographers, we must really be able to trust our gear, because at the end of the day it may be the difference between our success and failure. This basis of reliance all starts with the bag, the very thing that keeps all of our gear together, protected, and out of the elements. When it comes to your camera bag, you want it to be high quality and built to last. That’s why I went with Manfrotto.


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