IMG_3747 1 Jun 2016

My Manfrotto bag, an engagement shoot and Bluebell Wood

Wright 1

I really enjoy what I do. In fact I love what I do. I enjoy not only the art of taking photos but the narrative of capturing people’s stories through weddings, newborn, family and engagement photography. There is, however, one thing I dislike – one thing that has been boring for years – and that is camera bags. For too long the choices have been black, uncomfortable, bulky, hideous and frankly too large for a short (ahem, petite) female photographer like me to use with ease. I’m glad that we are starting to see camera bag companies be more and more inventive not just in design but in colour.

I wanted a camera bag that I could use on location shoots, whether I am scrambling around in the forest, or a beach, or a city centre. Something stylish lightweight and something that would fit a LOT in it.  I had been looking for ages and when I was at the Photography Show in March I saw a great little bag Manfrotto had just released;


Me with bag

Sitting on my hall floor with my big Manfrotto roller bag in front of me, hand bag to the side I decided to try and see how much this little National Geographic satchel would hold. I was heading to a coffee shop to catch up on my emails and blogs (well why not?) before an engagement shoot in the afternoon and I needed to fit a lot in there. So I started first with my Canon 5D with the 24-105mm L lens on, two spare batteries, loads of spare cards, my 50mm and 40mm lenses, iPad mini, small keyboard, pen, business cards and mobile phone. To my surprise it all fit! And I could have put more in (such as emergency snacks), but I resisted.



Once at the shoot I was surprised at how comfortable the bag was despite being fairly full. It didn’t even do that annoying thing that satchels sometimes do of slipping round from behind your back and trying to take you down to the ground shoulders first. It was also easy to change lenses without having to take the bag off or fight with a large heavy flap.

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I have been using this bag for several weeks now and have found it to be sturdy, light and – thanks to its customisable interior, with a camera pouch you can take out – I am using it not just for my professional shoots but my personal ones too. I can fit loads of combinations in the bag, from my mirrorless camera/lens/notepad to my large 5D/lenses/accessories. If you are looking for a stylish, versatile, ‘uncamera bag’ camera bag I highly recommend this one. You will not go far wrong!

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