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Discovering Iceland’s South Coast with the NX backpack

When you’re a travel enthusiast and have a passion for photography, there always comes a moment in time when you realize that your gear, or more precisely your packing choices (and by that I mean backpack) play a great importance in the success of your trip and safety of your photography equipment.

Whether you’re going on a weekend adventure or taking a gap year, you often find yourself needing a universal backpack for different situations: a backpack small enough to go as a carry-on but big enough to fit your personal items, to use as a day bag, on more formal occasions and last but not least to protect your camera gear!

Out of all the Manfrotto range, I decided that the NX DSLR backpack would tick all the necessary boxes for my upcoming Icelandic adventure and truth be told it absolutely did.

My first trip consisted of exploring the South Coast – something I had done many times before however, I had only seen it in prime summer and as you could imagine, winter is something quite different in this part of the world.

After starting the day with clear skies and a light but bearable breeze, we headed off to the South by taking Route 1, which goes all around Iceland. We drove past various picturesque landscapes all of which were postcard picture perfect ones.




About four hours and a hundred kilometers later, I was reminded how quickly Icelandic weather can change from one extreme to the other. From a beautifully calm winter day, we were now faced with a snowstorm on its way. Nevertheless, this did not stop us from exploring the great outdoors, it just made it a bit more challenging so to say.

After more than nine hours on the road admiring waterfalls, black sand beaches, countryside landscapes and beautiful Icelandic horses, I was ready to head back and defreeze my hands.




It was the first time that I ever used this backpack and I must say, this mini-adventure exposed its practicality and comfort.

What I liked about it was the fact that it looked smart therefore could be used as a casual day backpack or for a more business-orientated venture.


The bag itself is quite sturdy and divided into a bottom and top section separated by a zipper. The bottom one features a padded camera equipment compartment, which can safely fit a camera and 2 lenses comfortably. If not in use, it could be removed by unzipping the zipper; combining both compartments into a much bigger one.

There is plenty of space for personal items and includes a zipped pocked, a mesh for organizing smaller items and a padded laptop compartment. In addition, there’s an easy release tripod holster on one of the outer sides of the backpack, making it ideal for carrying and using the tripod.

I found the size of the backpack extremely satisfying, as it was much bigger than my usual 15L daypack, however, could easy fit as a carry on luggage without having to compromise on photography or personal gear.


In addition, from my South coast outing, I consequently discovered that all my items including camera gear were completely dry making this backpack water resistant and perfect for light city/country showers (Even though it can withstand water/snow it is not entirely waterproof therefore would not use it in extreme weather conditions).

All in all, I was extremely happy with this product and would certainly recommend it to any fellow travellers and photography enthusiasts.

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