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The Manfrotto 192N: Home Sweet Home for the C100 (and Canon Cinema Family)

Every time I buy a new camera, it comes at a price.  It’s not just the camera—it’s the cost of the whole workflow—lenses, batteries, carrying cases and more!  Will my tripod support this new camera?  Will my current stock of memory cards work?  Do I need a new bag?

I upgraded from the Canon 5D Mark III DSLR to the larger Canon C100 Mark II video camera last year.  While the upgrade was an easy transition for my lenses (thank goodness), I still had to purchase new batteries and memory cards and upgrade my carrying cases.  While the C100 breaks down to become quite small, it’s still larger than the DSLR body.  Plus, I found it to be impractical to break the camera down every time I wanted to transport it.  It was time to rethink the packing process, and I didn’t have a great solution.

What I ended up doing most of the time, is carrying the camera around “as is”, at the mercy of all life’s bumps and bruises.  And, when you’re busy running and gunning and moving quickly between locations, it’s a hard knock life.  I buckled it into the passenger seat of my car, I stashed it on the floor behind the driver’s seat next to a cooler, and built a little fort of equipment cases to surround it in the trunk.   There was never a really good safe place to put it.

Enter the almighty Manfrotto Pro Light Camcorder Case 192N—a bag that was made for the C100 and family.  It was designed with the C100, C300, and C500 in mind, and it fits like a glove. Hallelujah!  After my months of struggle, meeting the Manfrotto Pro Light Camcorder Case 192N was a true homecoming—and it feels great to be home sweet home!

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Most importantly, I don’t have to take my camera apart to fit it in the bag!  GENIUS.  Even with my Sony UPW wireless lavaliere receiver and Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic attached, it still fits!

The 192N is easy to open and close.  The two zippers on top offer a wide opening, which allows your camera to slide right in.  You simply pull one handle to zip both sides simultaneously.

Three large handles make the bag easy to transport—you’ve got places to grip the bag on the sides and on top, which works when you’re pulling it from the shelf, placing it on a rolling cart, or putting it in the car.

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Being a part of the Pro Light collection, the 192N performs just like other bags in the family, outfitted with water-repellent ripstop nylon and a padded interior.  Flexible dividers can be arranged as you wish, giving your lenses a hug, and there’s a little pillow for your lens!  There are two side pockets on the outside of the bag (one that is expandable).  It also comes with a shoulder strap, though I usually opt to keep mine packed away.  I often place the bag on a rolling cart between locations or use a portable trolley so I can roll right through the airport.  This bag has a special connection for that, too!

The bag is compact and efficient, with a smart design to maximize the space.

Quick tip: I like to label my lenses, lens covers and lens caps with pink gaffer tape so I know which ones are mine.  This helps a ton when you’re working with multiple shooters or renting gear.

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I recently had a shoot in Chicago and brought my C100.  The 192N fit in the airplane overhead compartment!  Technically, according to the specs, it was supposed to be an inch too wide, but I took a chance, and look, ma, it made it!  The trick is, don’t put anything in the side pockets or it will quickly become too fat to fit.  Of course, I can’t make any promises for future travels—some smaller planes have smaller overhead compartment spaces than others, so no guarantees!

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For bigger shoots where I want to bring the whole kit and caboodle—lenses, additional cameras, and accessories—I like to bring the Manfrotto Professional roller bag or one of my many Manfrotto backpacks in addition to the 192N, so I’m ready for anything and everything!

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As a travel filmmaker, I have been a busy busy bee this summer traveling around with my camera gear in tow.  The 192N has been the perfect companion, allowing me to travel with my C100 Mark II to places near and far.  Whether telling stories in the city or filming high above the sea in the Rocky Mountains, the 192N helps me keep up with the pace.  It gives my camera the protection it needs and allows me the ability to pack and unpack my camera at a moment’s notice—which means I won’t miss the shot.  I save time transitioning between locations with less set up and tear down time.  It’s also much easier to pack for a shoot.  I build my camera just the way I need it and stick it in the bag.  Bada bing, bada boom, I’m ready to go.  🙂

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